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Don't just read about a skill or watch a video demonstration - perform the skill yourself on the web, then test your competence. 
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Learn by doing

Simulation engages your brain and is an effective way to learn, practice and perfect your cognitive clinical skills.


Practice and improve

Web-based, so practice as often as you want and track your progress while you learn, to ensure you reach competence.


Test your skills

Test your skills in the test-mode simulations, gain your certificate of completion, and be perfectly prepared for labs & externships.

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  • After introducing SIMTICS to our sonography programs, students are able to meet their competency requirements 20% faster.

    Shelly Zimbelman, DMS Director @ Sanford-Brown College, MO

  • I absolutely love your company and I tell everyone how amazing your programs are.
    You are on the top of my list!

    Ashley T., DMS student

  • I won't teach Medical Assisting without SIMTICS any more.

    Nicole Carter, Director of Curriculum @ LAYCCA, Washington D.C.

  • I’m amazed by the depth of instruction in your modules. I’ve been looking for education software like this for 12 years.

    Sima Dermishyan, Director @ Sacramento Ultrasound Institute

  • SIMTICS is on the forefront of the emerging technologies that use simulation to synthesize clinical practice with cognitive knowledge.

    Michael Schafer, CEO @ EdPartners LLC


ECG Simulation Showcase

See how the SIMTICS web-based simulator helps you to learn a procedure step by step.

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