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Vessel Mapping for Medical Professionals

Medical Professional - Ultrasound > Vascular
Ultrasound mapping is performed as part of preoperative planning for procedures such as sclerotherapy and varicose vein surgery.

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Ultrasound mapping is performed as part of pre-operative planning for procedures such as sclerotherapy and varicose vein surgery. This module teaches you how to prepare for and perform preoperative vein-artery ultrasound mapping, and how to scan for signs of upper limb venous thrombosis. Including both Learn and Test modes, the online simulator offers three clinical scenarios that test your ability to perform this type of scan. Practice the steps of the procedures online as often as you want, until you feel confident.

If you are not a medical student or physician, you may prefer the other version of this module, which includes all the procedural information needed by professionals in other roles: /shop/imaging/sonography/vascular/ultrasound-vessel-mapping/

You’ll learn  

  • to practice, perfect, and test your skills in using ultrasound to perform vessel mapping
  • the mapping protocols for each type of procedure, such as arteriovenous fistula (AVF), sclerotherapy, perforator veins and varicosity marking, and venous bypass graft
  • to better visualize and understand the key structures and components of the arterial and venous systems of the upper limb, and the venous system of the lower limb, with our 3D model and illustrations
  • how to identify images of the pathology of upper limb venous thrombosis
  • much more (see Content Details for more specific information).
Step 1 - Begin scanning procedure of the upper or lower limb vessels as required
Step 2 - Commence the scanning protocol for upper limb veins, or the appropriate mapping procedure
Step 2.1 - Patient position
Step 2.2 - Scan plane
Step 2.3 - Images required
Step 2.4 - Common image labeling
Step 2.5 - Sonographic features of normal veins
Step 2.6 - Variants
Step 2.7 - Troubleshooting
Step 3 - Scan the upper limb veins in the longitudinal and transverse planes to exclude deep venous thrombosis
Step 3.1 - Pathology of upper limb venous thrombosis
Step 4 - Upper limb mapping procedure for arteriovenous fistula (AVF)
Step 5 - Sclerotherapy mapping
Step 6 - Perforator veins and varicosity marking
Step 7 - Radial artery harvest
Step 8 - Venous bypass graft suitability and harvest
  • Discuss preoperative vein-artery mapping for the following procedures:
  • Discuss venous imaging of the upper extremity for deep venous thrombosis

The SIMTICS modules are all easy to use and web-based. This means they are available at any time as long as the learner has an internet connection. No special hardware or other equipment is required, other than a computer mouse for use in the simulations. Each of the SIMTICS modules covers one specific procedure or topic in detail. Each module contains:

  • an online simulation (available in Learn and Test modes)
  • descriptive text, which explains exactly how to perform that particular procedure including key terms and hyperlinks to references
  • 2D images and a 3D model of applied anatomy for that particular topic
  • a step by step video demonstration by an expert
  • a quiz
  • a personal logbook that keeps track of all the modules the learner has studied and how long

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