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This module provides knowledge on how to practice effective time management skills as a dental assistant.

The dental assistant plays an important role in ensuring the dental office is running efficiently and on time. A dental assistant must understand how to manage their time effectively, so that job duties are completed accurately and on time. In this module, students will learn what time management is and why it is an important skill to have. They will learn different tools and techniques to improve their time management skills.

You’ll learn 

  • time management in both the front and back office
  • techniques and tools for effective time management
  • strategies for fighting procrastination
  • the importance of delegating
  • much more (see Content Details for more specific information)
Step 1 - Time management from a dental assistant's perspective
Step 1.1 - Front office time management for the dental assistant
Step 1.2 - Back office time management for the dental assistant
Step 2 - Techniques and tools of time management
Step 2.1 - Breaking down tasks
Step 2.2 - Prioritizing
Step 2.3 - Streamlining tasks
Step 3 - Procrastination
Step 3.1 - Reasons for procrastination
Step 3.2 - Strategies for fighting procrastination
Step 4 - Skills for improving efficiency
Step 4.1 - Creating a routine
Step 4.2 - Using office systems
Step 4.3 - Working with others
Step 4.4 - Multitasking
Step 5 - Preparing for the day
Step 6 - Time management during the workday
Step 6.1 - Managing patient communication
Step 6.2 - Managing colleague communication
Step 6.3 - Documentation
Step 7 - Anticipating dentists' needs
Step 7.1 - Ensure that all supplies are stocked and ready
Step 7.2 - Reviewing the schedule
Step 8 - Delegating tasks
Step 8.1 - The importance of delegating
Step 8.2 - Knowing when to ask for help
  • Demonstrate the importance of time management.
  • Demonstrate tools and techniques of time management.
  • Assess own time management abilities.
  • Implement processes for improving efficiency.
  • Prepare for the workday, recognizing and developing habits that provide best practices.
  • Manage the workday according to a plan.
  • Predict how to best support dentists.
  • Predict how to best support patients.
  • Define when to delegate tasks and ask for help.
  • Select what tasks can be multitasked.

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