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Assist with Minor Oral Surgery

Dental Assisting > General

Materials Included:

  • daos Text
  • daos Video
  • daos Anatomy
  • daos Simulation
  • daos Quiz
This course explains the dental assistant’s role in knowing and understanding various minor oral surgery techniques during dental treatment.

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This course provides knowledge in minor oral surgery during dental treatment. Minor oral surgery refers to procedures which can be performed by general dentists under light anesthesia and typically within 30 minutes or less. These procedures often pertain to the extraction of broken or impacted teeth.

The dental assistant plays a crucial role in aiding the dentist to ensure a safe and successful procedure. This includes preparing necessary materials, ensuring all equipment is properly functioning, efficiently handing off to the dentist the needed tools to complete the procedure and ensuring the patient’s comfort through the procedure.

Step 1 - Preparation
Step 1.1 - Equipment preparation
Step 1.2 - Dental assistant preparation
Step 1.3 - Patient preparation
Step 2 - Minor oral surgery procedure
Step 2.1 - Minor surgical procedure for simple extraction
Step 2.2 - Minor surgical procedure for extraction of impacted tooth
Step 3 - Post-operative care
Step 3.1 - Post-procedure care
Step 3.2 - Patient recovery
Step 4 - Complete the procedure
Step 4.1 - Discard materials
Step 4.2 - Complete the documentation
Step 4.3 - Disinfect equipment and work area
Step 4.4 - Remove your gloves and wash your hands
  • Describe the pre-procedure considerations for minor oral surgery.
  • Describe and demonstrate the preparation for minor oral surgery.
  • Understand minor surgical tray setup and recognize common instruments included.
  • Demonstrate the dental assistant's role during minor surgical procedures.
  • Explain the post-procedure process for minor surgical procedures.
  • Describe correct post-procedure considerations.
  • Describe correct recording and reporting procedures.
  • Define and correctly use related medical terminology.
  • Describe clinical safety according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.
  • Describe the purpose of the state Dental Practice Act and its relevance for dental assistants.
  • Explain the Patient Privacy Rule (HIPAA), Patient Safety Act, and Patients' Bill of Rights.

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