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Dental Ethics and Legal Considerations NEW

Dental Assisting > DA Professional Skills
This module provides knowledge on how to practice professional ethics as a dental assistant.

Ethical standards play an important role in the responsibilities of a dental assistant. A dental assistant must understand and adhere to the ethics and principles set forth in dentistry. In this module, students will learn about ethical and legal issues that they may encounter in their workplace and how to apply the basic principles of ethics to patient care, as well as to solving ethical dilemmas in unique situations.

You’ll learn 

  • the code of ethics
  • patient rights
  • the various laws that affect a dental office
  • the difference between morals, ethics, and laws
  • much more (see Content Details for more specific information)
Step 1 - Ethics
Step 1.1 - Code of ethics
Step 1.2 - Morals, ethics, and laws
Step 2 - Integrity
Step 3 - Confidentiality
Step 4 - Respect
Step 4.1 - Treating the whole person
Step 4.2 - Creating a safe and comfortable environment
Step 4.3 - Treating co-workers with dignity
Step 5 - Ethical decision-making
Step 5.1 - Beneficence
Step 5.2 - Non-maleficence
Step 5.3 - Autonomy
Step 5.4 - Justice
Step 5.5 - Veracity
Step 6 - Values
Step 7 - Professional behavior
Step 8 - Laws affecting the dental office
Step 8.1 - Scope-of-practice laws
  • Determine actions that are within your scope of practice to actively participate in delivery of a quality dental care experience.
  • Differentiate between legal, ethical, and moral issues affecting dental care.
  • Recognize the impact personal morals have on the delivery of ethical dental care.
  • Demonstrate keeping patient information private and confidential, as required by law.
  • Honor dignity of patients and co-workers through treatment of the person as a whole.
  • Demonstrate acceptance of differences in patients and co-workers through just treatment of all.
  • Advocate for growth in professional skills by providing health and well-being services to the community and by joining professional associations.
  • Apply ethical principles and appropriate steps for solving an ethical dilemma.
  • Describe basic laws that pertain to dentistry, including the role of state practice acts, to determine and guide the dental assistant's roles and responsibilities in the presence or absence of the dentist.

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