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With SIMTICS, students can learn and practice a range of radiographic procedures, anytime and anywhere, even when they don’t have access to x-ray equipment in the lab. Our theory and positioning modules give learners a head start in clinical labs and externships, or allow them to refresh their knowledge of a procedure they haven’t had a chance to do for a while.

The SIMTICS Radiography Suite comprises 20 different modules, each of which includes a demonstration video, explanatory text with illustrations, an anatomy section with 2D and 3D images, the simulator with three different scenarios, and at least one quiz. 

Radiography 8 modules
Radiography Theory

Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging

This module covers the basic principles of CT, spiral CT and MRI scanning, the differences between them, and advantages of each.

Radiography Theory

Computer Science, the Digital Image, and Computed Radiography

This theory module provides an introduction to computer science, the technology used in radiographic imaging, and the difference between digital imaging and computed radiography.

Radiography Theory

Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy, Image Viewing and PACS, a...

This theory module provides an introduction to digital image acquisition, display and storage.

Radiography Theory

Fluoroscopy and Interventional Radiology

This theory module provides an overview of fluoroscopy and interventional radiology.

Radiography Theory

Mammography, Bone Densitometry, and Quality Control

This module provides an overview of mammography and bone densitometry, enhanced forms of X-ray technology that are used, respectively, to examine breast tissue and measure bone loss.

Radiography Theory

Radiographic Analog Processing

This theory module provides a thorough introduction to radiographic film and film processing, handling and storage.

Radiography Theory

Radiographic Image Analysis

This information-rich module teaches you about radiographic image analysis, including how to manage the factors that affect image quality.

Radiography Theory

Radiographic Imaging

This theory module teaches you the key concepts that underpin radiographic imaging such as scatter radiation, exposure, and field size, and the tools and techniques available to create high-quality X-ray images.

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