Medical/Nursing / Vascular Procedures

Vascular Procedures


Perform Capillary Puncture and Hematology Testing

This module teaches you how to prepare for, perform, and document safe and correct techniques using capillary puncture from a variety of adult and infant collection sites.


Perform Venipuncture

This module covers how to prepare for and perform safe and correct methods for blood collection, using a variety of venipuncture (phlebotomy) techniques.


Arterial Blood Sampling

Arterial blood sampling for blood gas analysis (ABG) is often practiced in the hospital setting to help make a diagnosis, indicate the severity of a condition and assess treatment.


Arterial Line Insertion

Arterial line placement is often used in the management of critically ill patients for continuous blood pressure monitoring and also to allow frequent blood gas sampling.


Central Venous Catheterization Subclavian

Central venous catheterization is a common procedure carried out in a hospital setting, and is used for a variety of reasons including intravenous administration of specific drugs, parenteral nutrition, haemodialysis, and to aid in the diagnosis of cardiac failure.


Central Venous Catheterization – Internal Jugular

This module teaches you how to safely prepare for and insert a central venous catheter into the jugular vein. Including both Learn and Test modes, the online simulator allows you to practice and test your ability to insert a central line into the jugular vein, with cross-sectional animations to enable understanding.


Venous Cannulation

Venous cannulation is used for intravenous administration of fluids, drugs, parenteral nutrition, or radio opaque contrast media; also to allow frequent or repeated blood sampling.