Too often, clinical skills education is limited by access to expertise and equipment. SIMTICS is changing that.

Our mission is to revolutionize and democratize the way healthcare students and staff learn and practice clinical and imaging procedures. We use technology help students to think, prepare, practice, and then test their skills and knowledge. Anytime and anywhere.

SIMTICS interactive, web-based simulations provide a powerful and cost-effective adjunct to live practical classes. By using SIMTICS to cover the basic competencies, educators can spend more in-class time on higher-value discussion and activities.



At SIMTICS, we are passionate about innovating higher education via web technology and creating interactive, realistic learning experiences that transform skills.

We are passionate about equipping learners with the cognitive skills and confidence they need to safely perform procedures, and help them to prepare for clinical externships. Even when they don't have access to equipment and consumables (or patients).

And most of all, we are passionate about making quality education available and accessible. At the last count our e-learning modules were being used in over 90 countries around the world!



Our vision originally came from SIMTICS founder, Professor John Windsor, who grew up in a remote community in India where access to healthcare resource and training was scarce. He went on to become Head of Surgery at the University of Auckland School of Medicine but never forgot his roots. He knew from first-hand experience that there is a need for cost-effective education solutions that can be accessed from even the most remote locations.

John pioneered the concept of online cognitive simulation with the vision of helping people learn and practice the safe performance of clinical procedures, anytime and anywhere - in an affordable and sustainable way.

Meet our team of passionate educators and entrepreneurs

Meet our Board of Directors.

David Bone

Chairman of the Board

Sits on the boards of 5 private companies involved in health and IT

Rick Boven

Non-Executive Director

Professional director and strategic consultant to blue-chip companies

Danny Chan

Non-Executive Director

Experienced advisor for multiple companies specialising in Asian markets

Paul Dyson

Non-Executive Director

Medical entrepreneur, professional director and consultant with over 30 years experience

John Windsor

Non-Executive Director

SIMTICS co-founder, educational advisor and Head of Surgery at the University of Auckland

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