Simulations help students to be better prepared, while saving costs and increasing value from lab time

Serve your students better, improve results, and build flexibility into your instructional delivery


Better skills performance, more feedback and lower cost

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Skills Development  Much of in person lab time is spent waiting for a turn and passively watching someone else.   Students get more practice than they would with an in-person lab. On-demand repetition also helps students build skills quickly and retain knowledge longer.
Cost High cost structure for lab space, equipment, consumables, staff and maintenance.   More cost-effective than in-person labs. Save money through less wear and tear on equipment and lower consumables usage.
Ease of Access In-person lab time is limited and caps student practice time.   Easily accessible - literally anytime and anywhere, as often as needed.
Real Time Feedback Instructors have limited bandwidth to provide real time feedback for every student. Feedback is primarily subjective.   Objective, real time formative feedback while learning. Plus detailed, summative performance feedback for both students and faculty.
Confidence Students often suffer from performance anxiety when performing a procedure for the first time in a lab or clinical setting.   Students who work with SIMTICS simulations have much higher confidence levels when they actually have to complete a new procedure in a lab or clinical setting.


Learn by doing. It's the smarter way.

Learn Short

Learn by doing

Simulation engages the brain, making it a powerful way to learn, practice and perfect cognitive clinical skills.

Practice Short

Practice and improve

Web-based, so learners can practice as often as they want and track progress while they learn, to ensure they reach competence.

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Students can test their skills in the test-mode simulations and be perfectly prepared for labs & externships.



  • Michael Schafer
    Higher Education professional and past ABHES commissioner
    SIMTICS is on the forefront of the emerging technologies that use simulation to synthesize clinical practice with cognitive knowledge. Simulation is the future, especially in allied health education, and is an excellent way to demonstrate outcomes to programmatic and institutional accreditors.
  • Tracy Hagen
    Central Piedmont Community College
    I appreciate the excellent customer service that you all are providing, and our students are really enjoying SIMTICS!
  • Dr. Eric Goldsmith
    Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs, College of Osteopathic Medicine, NSU
    The students get to learn about a procedure and practice it virtually before they do the hands-on time. They can build on that knowledge in the hands-on session. Importantly, faculty are able to track what the students are doing, whether they've completed each assignment or not, and whether they've achieved a level of competence.
  • Joel Nelson
    VP of Academic Operations, Charter College
    The transition to using SIMTICS went better than even my best case guess. The training provided to faculty and integration with our LMS (Canvas) were top notch. Students took to the simulations right away, finding them informative as well as engaging. During face to face lab time, the students are well prepared to practice the skills learned via SIMTICS in a clinical setting. We are impressed with the product.
  • Glenda Algaze, CPhT, CDA, MEd
    Dental Assisting Faculty
    Your program has been invaluable to my teaching instruction. In these times of students not being able to attend their clinical sites, this program is so wonderful.
  • Brian Dickens, MBA PhD
    Medical Assisting Program Director, Florida
    This product is AMAZING. Reasonably priced and superb customer service. SIMTICS is great for visual learners and reinforces critical thinking. We are using it to aid our Medical Assisting and Sonography classes, for skills check off, and as an adjunct to externships.

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Simulation, 3D anatomy, video, text and quizzes. Everything students need at their fingertips to learn, practice and test their clinical skills.

  • Virtual learning
  • Unlimited practice
  • Progress tracking
  • Cost effective

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