Enterprise Pricing

  • Interactive, engaging learning with guided practice
  • Unimited access, anywhere and anytime
  • Immediate feedback in simulations
  • Student logbooks with integrated testing
  • Volume discount based on number of users and modules
  • Purchase options available
  • Curriculum suite or "a la carte" bundle to suit your needs
  • Secure hosting of logbook data
  • Built-in learning activity and performance tracking
  • Reporting system to view learner progress and competence
  • Comprehensive support available for instructors and IT
  • Low-cost add-ons:
    • Classroom Rights License for use in class (onsite or online)
    • LTI License for LMS integration
    • Additional manager/supervisor logins

How does the pricing work?

We calculate a price for you, based on two things: what SIMTICS content you want to include and the average number of students you would expect during a year.

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