SIMTICS Product Updates

2020-08-08 - Content Update
Disinfection module release

New module added:

  • Disinfection and Sterilization in the Outpatient Setting 1


2020-07-24 - Platform Update
Subtitle support

Subtitle support added for Video component.


2020-07-09 - Content Update
Additional Medical Assisting (MA) Comprehensive Review module

Second Comprehensive Review module added for quizzes; includes all quizzes from the MA and MLT suites (21 modules total):

  • MA and MLT Comprehensive Review: Quizzes


2020-07-09 - Platform Update
Daily Time Report

New report added to Logbook tab, providing summary of SIMTICS activity by date.

Simulation Practice mode

Third mode added for sims, allowing users to practice scenarios prior to attempting Test mode.


2020-07-06 - Content Update
ICHH release

This module is part of the Infection Control suite and contains two sims on the topic of Hand Hygiene:

  • Hand Hygiene Using Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Hygiene Using Soap and Water


2020-06-23 - Content Update
Update to Radiography suite

-Changes to Hotspot steps showing tube housing; now shown zoomed in to make buttons easier to click
-Clean-up of some images to remove artifacts
-Some corrections to Step names
-Miscellaneous minor corrections (typos, etc)


2020-06-05 - Content Update
Medical Assisting (MA) Comprehensive Review modules release

Seven Comprehensive Review modules added to MA suite. Six modules are collections of MA sims and quizzes grouped by topic, and one features only the quizzes from all MA modules:
  1. MA Comprehensive Review: Injections

  2. MA Comprehensive Review: Surgical Procedures

  3. MA Comprehensive Review: Screening Procedures

  4. MA Comprehensive Review: Administering Medication

  5. MA Comprehensive Review: Vascular/General Procedures

  6. MA Comprehensive Review: Lab Tests

  7. MA Comprehensive Review: Quizzes