SIMTICS features and benefits for individual learners

Don't "make do" with textbooks, videos and lectures when you're preparing for labs and clinicals - learn by doing instead!
With SIMTICS you get to perform the procedures yourself in our unique web-based simulation environment. Master the correct steps, understand the relevant anatomy, and learn when and how to use the related equipment and consumables. Study when and where you want, so you can easily fit SIMTICS into your busy day. Build your confidence and be better prepared for labs and clinicals. Track your competence level as you learn, and come back to refresh and test your knowledge anytime during your subscription. 
Over 120 healthcare skills modules to choose from.

Virtual Training

Virtual Learning 24/7

Learn by doing. Realistic web-based simulations help you learn skills faster and build confidence. Practice as often as you wish. Go back anytime to keep your skills fresh too.

Cost Effective Tools

Easy Access

No need for special hardware or downloads. All you need is a laptop or a tablet with an internet connection. You can start learning right away, and continue anytime, anywhere!

Advanced Tracking

Progress Tracking

Track your study time and progress in your personal logbook, then demonstrate your competence in test-mode. Certificates of completion available.

Easy -access

Cost Effective

Improving your skills has never been more affordable. Just buy the modules you want - or get the Flexi subscription for the best price on 5+ modules.

Each procedure explained, step by step, in multiple ways.

You're able to study and experience each procedure in a rich variety of ways - video, text, anatomical models, simulations and quizzes. This kind of multi-dimensional experience optimizes your learning curve and gets results. Start where you want, to suit your learning preference or the time you have available. As you continue learning, you'll be building up a strong, multi-stranded cognitive knowledge base from reading, watching, exploring, quizzing, practicing the skill, and testing your competence.

Simulation -ico


Like an online flight simulator - learn, experience and test your ability to perform procedures in real time via the patented SIMTICS Integrated Cognitive Simulator.

3d -anatomy

3D Anatomy

Reveal layers from the surface anatomy down to deeper structures, relevant for the procedure you're studying. Explore images and 3D model, and click on structures to see labels and descriptions.

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Video -ico


Watch an expert performing the procedure in a step-by-step demonstration with clear audio narration. Toggle to the relevant section of the text to read more detail about a step.

Text -ico


Detailed text includes step-by-step guidance for performing the procedure, illustrations, key terms and hyperlinks to external references. Then use the quiz to test your theory knowledge.

Testing. Check your cognitive competence.


Learn Mode simulations guide you through the procedure. When you're ready, check your competence in Test Mode. Track your score, completion time and errors.

Quizzes. Test your theory knowledge.



Check your theoretical knowledge in the quiz
before you start. Then compare your score
after studying with SIMTICS.

Anywhere. Knowledge
at your fingertips.


Study on the go wherever you have a
computer and an internet connection.
New version coming this year, with
full support for mobile devices.

Dashboard. All-in-one
analytics at a glance.

Your dashboard makes it easy to see how you are performing and visualize
the history of your day-by-day


Analytics. Easy click and print reports.

Easily turn the record of your study time and scores into a printed report. Print certificates of completion too.


If you ever need help, we offer an online Help Centre, help text and guides within the application, plus free email support.


Cloud-based software, runs on Windows and Mac. Use a Flash-ready browser for iPad and Android. New version coming later this year to support mobile devices.

Dual -mouseConnected

If you’re studying SIMTICS as part of your school's program, you will be connected to your class group so your instructor can see your progress and add your test scores to the gradebook.

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