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12-lead Electrocardiogram for Medical Professionals

Medical Professional - Clinical > Non-Invasive and Testing Procedures
Learn how to prepare for and record a 12-lead ECG.

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An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a method to graphically display the electric current generated by the heart muscle during a heartbeat. This SIMTICS module teaches you how to prepare for and record a 12-lead ECG. The interactive simulator lets you learn and practice how to record an electrocardiogram. Online simulations offer a safe practice environment and also enable you to try out procedures that you might not otherwise experience.

If you are not a medical student or physician, you may prefer the other version of this module, which includes all the procedural information needed by professionals in other roles: /shop/imaging/sonography/echocardiography/electrocardiogram-(ecg)-12-lead


You'll learn

  • to practice, perfect and test your skills in setting up and recording a 12-lead ECG
Step 1 - Preparation
Step 1.1 - Tray preparation
Step 1.2 - Patient preparation
Step 2 - Place electrodes
Step 2.1 - Place the limb electrodes
Step 2.1.1 - Bipolar limb leads
Step 2.1.2 - Unipolar limb leads: augmented leads
Step 2.2 - Place the chest electrodes
Step 2.2.1 - Unipolar leads: Chest leads
Step 3 - Record the ECG
Step 3.1 - Enter the patient's details into the machine
Step 3.2 - Check the machine is calibrated
Step 3.3 - Record the ECG
Step 3.4 - Annotate the presence of symptoms on the ECG tracing
Step 4 - Stress testing and Holter monitoring
  • Describe and demonstrate the preparation for performing an ECG.
  • Describe the basic electrophysiology of the heart.
  • Describe and explain the electrical heart views and properties of a 12-lead ECG.
  • Describe and demonstrate how to perform an accurate 12-lead ECG.

The SIMTICS modules are all easy to use and web-based. This means they are available at any time as long as the learner has an internet connection. No special hardware or other equipment is required, other than a computer mouse for use in the simulations. Each of the SIMTICS modules covers one specific procedure or topic in detail. Each module contains:

  • an online simulation (available in Learn and Test modes)
  • descriptive text, which explains exactly how to perform that particular procedure including key terms and hyperlinks to references
  • 2D images and a 3D model of applied anatomy for that particular topic
  • a step by step video demonstration by an expert
  • a quiz
  • a personal logbook that keeps track of all the modules the learner has studied and how long

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