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Medical Professional - Ultrasound

The modules in this category are designed for medical students, physicians, obstetric nurses and other health professionals who need to perform point-of-care ultrasound. (If you are a sonographer or a sonography student, we recommend you check out the modules in our Sonography category instead, which cover the protocols that sonographers need to know.)

Learn and practice each type of assessment in the simulation scenarios, and test your skill level in the test mode simulator. No downloads and no special equipment required. Within each module you also have a demonstration video, explanatory text with illustrations and key terms, an applied anatomy section with 2D and 3D images, and at least one quiz to test your theory knowledge. 

Medical Professional - Ultrasound 1 modules

Basic Ultrasound Scan Techniques for Medical Professionals

This introductory module teaches you the basic principles and techniques required to begin general ultrasound scanning and guides you step-by-step through some basic scans.

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