Assist with Minor Surgical Procedures

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As a nurse or medical assistant in a doctor's office, you may be asked to assist the physician with minor surgery such as irrigating and cleaning a wound, suturing a laceration, or removing a foreign entity or a small growth. This module explains how to prepare for, and safely assist with, minor surgical procedures. Including both Learn and Test modes, the online simulator offers two scenarios that test your ability to assist with minor surgical procedures. Practice the steps of the procedures as often as you want until you are confident. This module is based on the entry-level competencies for which the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) test the Medical Assistant.

You’ll learn

  • relevant medical terminology
  • how to apply the principles of an aseptic technique
  • how to maintain a sterile field during minor surgical procedures
  • how to assist the physician during a minor surgical procedure
  • how to apply a dressing after a minor surgical procedure
  • to visualize the anatomical structures and components involved in the simulated procedures, using our anatomy illustrations and 3D model
  • to practice and perfect your skills in assisting the physician during a minor surgical procedure, including the tray setup, draping the area, assisting throughout surgery, applying the dressing, and completing the procedure
  • correct recording and reporting procedures

Materials Included:

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  • video_iconVideo
  • anatomy_iconAnatomy
  • simulation_iconSimulation
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