Perform Capillary Puncture and Hematology Testing

As a nurse or medical assistant in a doctor's office, you may be asked to perform capillary puncture to assess blood glucose, hematocrit and cholesterol levels. This module teaches you how to prepare for, perform, and document safe and correct techniques using capillary puncture from a variety of adult and infant collection sites. Including both Learn and Test modes, the online simulator offers three scenarios that test your ability to perform capillary puncture for blood glucose, hematocrit and cholesterol testing in adults and infants. Practice the steps of the procedures online as often as you want, until you feel confident. This module is based on the entry-level competencies for which the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) test the Medical Assistant.

You’ll learn

  • relevant medical terminology
  • pre-procedure and post-procedure considerations
  • to visualize the anatomy of the main sites for capillary puncture from the middle and ring fingers of an adult, and alternative blood collection sites in adults and infants
  • how to prepare for capillary puncture and correctly identify the collection site
  • to practice and perfect your technique for performing capillary puncture and collection, using different collection tubes
  • how to read a microhematocrit test, a blood glucose test and a total cholesterol test
  • correct recording and reporting procedures
  • much more (see Content Details for more specific information)

Materials Included:

  • text_iconText
  • video_iconVideo
  • anatomy_iconAnatomy
  • simulation_iconSimulation
  • quiz_iconQuiz

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  • Glenda Algaze, CPhT, CDA, MEd
    Dental Assisting Faculty
    Your program has been invaluable to my teaching instruction. In these times of students not being able to attend their clinical sites, this program is so wonderful.