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The modules in this category are designed for sonographers and sonography students. (If you are any other type of health professional or student, we recommend you check out our Medical Professional – Ultrasound category instead.)

With SIMTICS students can learn and practice a wide range of ultrasound procedures and protocols, anytime and anywhere. No downloads and no special equipment required. Choose from a range of ultrasound procedures, including general, cardiac and vascular assessments and several that students may not be allowed to practice during externships. As well as interactive simulations, each module includes a demonstration video, explanatory text with key terms and illustrations, an applied anatomy section with 2D and 3D images, and at least one quiz to test your theory knowledge. 

Sonography 3 modules

General Pediatric Ultrasound Protocols and Ultrasound of the P...

Ultrasound is valuable for evaluating abdominal pain in pediatric patients.


Ultrasound Assessment of the Pediatric Brain

Pediatric head ultrasound is a routine procedure that is used to diagnose conditions related to premature birth, and to avoid the development of complications in babies that are born prematurely.


Ultrasound Assessment of the Pediatric Hip and Spine

Ultrasound assessment is used to identify developmental defects, and to assist in the diagnosis of various conditions and anomalies in the pediatric patient.

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